Outside A DARK House

  It's not the fear of darkness,Shield for some, home for others It's not the fear of evil,But betrayal behind the happy faces Maybe I could lie under a tree for a while,    With the view of green leaves, white clouds, and sky as a background    It seems exactly like a scenery which... Continue Reading →

What is so different sleeping under the Stars?

What is so different sleeping under the Stars? It’s not so often that I get a chance to sleep under the stars and even I did not know what is so different sleeping under the stars until I first experienced it. It happened when I went to my grandmother’s place during my summer vacation to... Continue Reading →

Consistency after Series of failures

Getting a Little bit of consistency in my daily life   By Khushbu Gupta April 24, 2018   I generally have a long queue on the todo list but end up scattering either in my mind or in my notebook pages. After a couple of months, I realized that I planned to write the 15-day journal, follow my... Continue Reading →

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